Purely Pilates Studio / Balanced Body Teacher Training Benefits!

Reformer Certification Benefits:
• Pilates Principle Focused Teaching – Schedule Flexibility
• Focus on Your Teaching Goals – Improve Your Personal Practice
• Start a Career in Health & Fitness -Gain Tools to Help Clients Improve
• Learn about Special Demographics -Supplemental or Full Time Income
• Save on Your Personal Pilates Cost -Enter a High Demand Career Field
• Full Master Teacher Support -Learn to Teach on Mat & Reformer
• Learn Full Body Assessment/Programming -Create Your Own Work Schedule
• PMA approved Coursework – And so much more…. ! !
Comprehensive Pilates Certification Benefits:
• all of the above plus… – Learn to use Pilates as a System
• Gain all Tools Needed for Career -Prep and Approval for PMA
& Client Success Nationally Recognized Test !
• Gain More Tools for Special Demographics – Elevate Your Personal Practice
• Skills to Teach on all Apparatus – And so much more….!
Continuing Education Benefits:
• Receive Needed PMA & ACE CEC’s -Continue Growth as a Teacher
• Stay up to Date on New Tools -Great for Students & Teachers
• Enhance Tools to Grow your Business -Challenge Yourself & Your Clients
• Have Fun & Collaborate w/ other Teachers -When you Learn, Your Students
Learn And so much more….

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