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Purely Pilates Studio is the proud Northern Nevada host site for Balanced Body Education. Our instructors are comprehensively trained and committed to continued education. Truly Unique to any other fitness studios in the area our knowledgeable instructors balance both theoretical knowledge and the practical study to offer an exceptional Pilates session every time. Our Pilates sessions focus on proper form, balanced muscle use, full body challenge, and individual goals. We program each session in a way that allows everyone to move at their own pace /level, while encouraging each student to reach their personal best. Purely Pilates will leave you feeling stronger, leaner, longer and keep you moving with less pain and more ease. We aim to exceed the expectations of every client and thoroughly enjoy sharing the many benefits Pilates has to offer. Our clients have had success with weight loss, muscle gain, improved athletic performance, reducing pain and much more! We offer group, private, and semi-private Pilates instruction on the Reformer, Pilates chairs, Trapeze Table, Barrels/Arcs, Orbits and more. These Apparatus’ allow each client to experience the full benefits Pilates has to offer. We take the time to listen to your specific goals to encourage you and work within your lifestyle. Call today to schedule your first free session and you’ll love how you feel!


Natalie Garcia

Owner/Balanced Body Master Instructor


“Change happens through movement, and movement heals.” -Joseph Pilates

Natalie fully embraces her full life as owner of Purely Pilates, coaching health / wellness, and living life with her amazing husband and four kids. She believes in taking chances and going after what you really want, not just what you think is possible! She is passionate about living her best life and helping others do the same. She is great at teaching how to move and eat to improve health, feel your best, and truly enjoy life. She enjoys educating on proper form, function, and helping find the right formula to reach individual goals both in and out of the studio.

Natalie’s health and fitness career spans nearly 20 years. Before falling in love with Pilates she studied massage therapy as well as teaching fitness. While in massage school Natalie became a certified Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, and Mat Pilates Instructor. After spending several years teaching in each field Natalie determined Pilates was her greatest passion and enjoyed how Pilates was the perfect fit for her clients from all walks of life. She received her first instructor certification with Polestar Pilates and later with Pilates Method Alliance before ultimately becoming a master instructor with Balanced Body. She simply loves how personalized the practice of Pilates is and how it creates such a strong movement foundation for any lifestyle and any fitness practice.

She feels blessed to be “working” in an industry that allows her to help others create real change in their lives and bodies. In 2007, Natalie became a master instructor and faculty member with Balanced Body and began sharing the joy of teaching with others who shared her passion for health and helping others through Pilates. Working for Balanced Body as their Northern Nevada host site and helping new teachers become certified is one of Natalie’s favorite things to do. She can’t express enough the love she holds for each of her students and the joy she experiences while teaching people to restore optimal movement and overall function with Pilates and nutrition.

In addition, Natalie is a Pre/Post Natal Pilates Specialist. She has a long history of working with clients with unique goals or needs and has had great success helping to decrease or eliminate pain /dysfunction. She also continues to elevate her professional development by regularly attending professional conferences, and pursuing knowledge in Pilates and overall health and wellness.

She loves working with clients and teachers helping them discover their own personal goals and helping them achieve the incredible mind / body transformation students experience through Pilates.

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Anna Satterfield

Studio Manager / Instructor


“I began training myself to heal and, in the process, discovered I had the deep desire to help others,” Anna Satterfield.

 Anna is the mother of two beautiful daughters and a wonderful firefighter husband. She loves family and adorer’s laughter.  She believes and whole-heartily seeks self-improvement and works diligently to reach her personal best.

In 1998, after studying dance at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Anna moved to pursue a degree in journalism at University of Nevada. Over the years, Anna pursued her passion for movement by choreographing and dancing for small dance companies within the community.

As a dancer and over the years of dedication, Anna began to experience the effects of wear and tear on her body and experienced the challenges of injury, surgery and recovery.  These experiences had a profound effect one Anna’s mind and spirit which lead to limitations as well as the physical pain that educe the feelings of being trapped inside a body that feels broken.

Thankfully, Anna’s dance background gave her the awareness and benefit of the Pilates Method. When Anna was no longer able to dance, she recognized her need to expand her personal practice. It was at this point. Anna decided to turn her time and talent to pursue a career in Pilates teacher training with Balanced Body.

Pilates has helped restore her strength, mobility, as well as her ability to dancing again! To say the least, it has been a journey for Anna, however, her results are real, and she is extremely happy to share her magnificent work with you!

Anna believes all bodies can heal themselves through the work of Pilates. She knows first-hand movement is a beautiful thing and she remains passionate about moving herself and teaching others to continue to move with grace and ease through all stages of life!

Nothing inspires Anna more than observing people enjoying life, getting out there and moving! Whether it be walking, running, biking, participating in their favorite sports activities or just “dancing like no one is watching”.

Pilates has been a gift to Anna and has helped her recover from injury. She always says, she wishes she could have found Pilate sooner, so she could have prevented her injuries. Anna can’t wait to share the gift of Pilates with you and help you recover from injury, prevent pain, and simply excel toward your goals in an intelligent way!  She is excited to aide you with your journey and looks forward to seeing you in class.

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Molly Mae MacGregor


“Pilates has become the kinetic specialty/love of my life, it provides limitless possibilities, function and flow. Its ability to help bring people out of pain and into deeper stability, strength, space, clarity, and awareness – through movement — is truly exceptional,” Molly MacGregor. 

In 2017 Molly and her husband relocated to Reno by way of New York City.  She is originally from Austin Texas.  While spending 13 years in the Big Apple, Molly received her Master of Arts in Dance Education from NYU.  She was the first student to receive the Martha Hill Dance Fund Young Professionals award she also received the Outstanding Achievement Award in Graduate Dance Education from NYU Steinhardt.

While at NYU Molly, dedicated her educational focus on movement education (both functional and expressive) and developed teaching curricula and methodologies for all ages and stages of development.  She taught in the NYC public and private schools, as well as the studio setting.

During busy time Molly also served as Resident Expert Instructor, Teacher Trainer, and Anatomy Lecturer at the Kane School of Core Integration at Kinected Pilates Center in Manhattan (Chelsea.) She also served as the Pilates & Movement Education Specialist at Westside Dance Physical Therapy (Lincoln Center).  In both locations she worked alongside Pilates practitioners and physical therapists.

She also services for residents requiring in-home care, both independently and through Hatch NYC.  In 2016, Molly assisted with the production of the 11th annual FAMI (Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries) Workshop at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and subsequently joining the FAMI team in a new role, as Coordinator.

Molly is fully certified through the Kane School of Core Integration and is exceptionally trained to work correctively with: injuries, special conditions, and populations of various abilities. In addition, she is works to uniquely challenge each individual, their bodies and train mindfully toward increased strength, freedom, stamina, and efficiency of movement.

Molly continually finds herself fascinated with Pilates and its anatomically-based movement language and distinctive potential to drive healing and change.  She utilizes Pilates as a mechanically sound and highly malleable tool that can be molded and modified for every unique body.  She looks forward to sharing her experience and passion with you!

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Shoshana Granat


“Everyone should have an understanding of their unique functional anatomy,” Shoshana Granat.

Shoshana has recently relocated to Reno from Los Angeles, California.  She brings 20 years of movement instruction to her clients and is thrilled to have the opportunity to integrate her passion for Pilates, dance and nutrition in this new career adventure.

She is a graduate of California State University, Northridge where she earned a BS in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Dance Education, a teaching credential in Physical Education, and a MPH in Health Education.

In addition, Shoshana has obtained certification as a Personal Training, Barre, Pilates and TRX.  Her formal dance training and performance experience have helped her effectively teach a love of movement to others in a variety of settings. Shoshana works diligently to educate her students about the importance of being mindful about their functional anatomy incorporates this awareness in each of her sessions to promote safe practices and improved ergonomics. People of all ages and abilities will feel welcomed and accommodated in her classes.  It is Shoshana’s goal to help everyone leave her sessions standing taller and feeling successful!

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Danielle Hanson


Danielle´s passion for body and movement began at the age five with her first ballet and jazz class, that have been developing more and more for years. From there she already knew what she would do for the rest of her life without any doubts.

At the age eighteen, in 2002, she went to college to became a Physical therapist and during her first year she was invited to help students at the Anatomy classes. Graduated in December 2006 by Universidade Estácio de Sá  bodies and ever single functions and dysfunctions over 10 years.  In august 2003 she took her first massage therapy course and since then she has incorporated manual therapy into her activities.

Pilates entered into her life before graduation in October 2006 when she realized that she needed to add regular physical activity into her patients life and not just rehab and physical therapy treatments. She found an European techinic developed by the French Physiotherapist Phillipe E.Souchard called RPG(Global Postural Re-education) based on progressing knowledge of human biomechanics and motor coordination and applied to postural re-education all based on a thorough analysis and observation of anatomy, physiology and the way in which the person makes ill(evoluation of symptoms). The evoluation and continuation of the technique would lead her to a physical activity that would use the principles of breathing, core controle, balance and coordination, so she came to Pilates studying hard the hole technique.

Her first Pilates Course was made in São Paulo – Brazil in March 2008 buy Ivana Henn Institute focusing on Mat Pilates and balls. In June 2008 she graduated from Physio Health Pilates – Brazil comprehensive and foundation apparatus and from their began to teach.

At the end of 2008 she had an opportunity to come to United States in order to improve her language skills and get more knowledge around the world.

In December 2013 she got to know the Aereo Pilates form Escuelã Power Pilates Madrid – España and felt in love with the pelvic floor, transverse abdominal activation and core control with classic Pilates plus strings challenge.

In August 2014 she went to Spain and did her first Stott Pilates formation focus on Rehabilitation RMR1-RMR2 Reformer and Matt.

In November 2014 she was part of the Total Barre Foundation Course by Merrithew Health & Fitness in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil and by then she was able to teach Barre Classes.

In May 2015 she got certified of continuing education by tha PMA(Pilates Method Alliance) for completion of Pilates Mat with Stretch-Eze level 1provider by Dynamic Movement.

In February 2016 she came back to USA, Colorado, to visit her love of life, and he proposed and they got married. In January 2017 her husband boss transferred him to South Lake Tahoe and that’s why they are living in Gardnerville.

Dani loves to teach and help people and you can see that through her eyes. She has a PT and Pilates engaged to her life and she loves what she does.

Outside of work she loves to go hiking with her husband Jonathan, get together with her family, friends and love ones, enjoying Lake Tahoe and travel.

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Luciana Gallo


“When we work purposefully and mindfully not only do we achieve deeper and lasting benefits of Pilates, we also get a chance to disconnect from our daily routines, and achieve a state of flow, much needed nowadays due to our hectic schedules and the excessive use of technology,” Luciana Gallo.

Luciana Gallo enjoys playing to both her passions, movement and music. She is both a Pilates Instructor Luciana and professional cellist.  She works with people from all walks of life and specializes in Pilates for musicians, to help them bring balance to their bodies and reduce the risk for injuries. Luciana is a pioneer in the field of Pilates for musicians and has brought classes to unique settings, such as the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, Arizona State University, the Tucson Cello Congress and the Paul Rolland String Pedagogy Conference, among others.

The process required to learn a musical instrument is very similar to practicing Pilates, and Luciana’s musical background comes across through her Pilates teaching. Luciana approaches Pilates from an intellectual point of view while also keeping it fun, as this is an important ingredient for learning. She pays close attention to detail and she emphasizes the innate qualities of focus, concentration and precision of Pilates.

Over the last 25 years, Luciana has experienced firsthand the stresses on the body from many, many hours of playing the cello.  After practicing Pilates regularly, she observed the positive impact Pilates has had on her own posture, endurance and comfort while playing, and she even noticed improvement in her sound quality!

While completing her a doctorate in cello performance at Arizona State University, Luciana decided to pursue a mat training through Pilates Sports Center. Luciana’s doctoral dissertation was on incorporating Pilates for musicians in the university curriculum. This experience motivated her to pursue Comprehensive training by Balanced Body and to complete an apprenticeship with Katrina Foe, a second-generation master instructor.

Luciana is very excited to join the team at Purely Pilates and to help people live a more harmonious life!

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Catherine “Cat” Gardella


“The practice of Pilates gives a person the tools to make a good decade even better. It brings mindfulness to movement, it provides opportunity for healing and it is appropriate for every decade of your life,” Cat Gardella.

At 50 something, Cat takes every opportunity to live well.  She has lived in the Reno area for most of her life. Cat and her family embrace everything outside, she is an avid mountain biker, road cyclists and enjoys skiing and hiking.

Before discovering her career in movement, Cat spent 15 years in the corporate world of advertising & public relations, 15 years as a stay-at-home mom of two, owned her own consulting business and became a certified substitute teacher K-6th.  Throughout each of her difference careers like most, Cat experienced the challenges of balancing career, family and self-care.  It was during the most stressful times of her life that Cat discovered the power of movement which quickly became her therapy, her happy place, and her passion.

In 2014, Cat decided to combine her corporate experience and desire to ride her mountain bike and created a position for herself at Reno’s Great Basin Bicycles.  As the store’s women’s riding specialist, Cat found herself leading indoor computerized cycling sessions, selling bikes and crafting media opportunities for the store.    When she is not teaching indoor cycling Cat can be found up in the hills of Reno/Tahoe riding her mountain bike with her husband.  This career has provided Cat the opportunity to motivate and ride along side other cyclists both on the road and in the mountains.  She has completed century distances as well as entered numerous cross-country mountain bike races.  In between work, family and raising two teenage daughters, Cat’s most rewarding experiences have been training and competing in the National Mountain Bike Races in Mammoth Lake Ca. and The Sea Otter Classic in Monterey CA.

While recovering from a broken foot, Cat tried her very first Pilates Reformer class to keep fit while on the mend.  From the first session Cat was hooked and immediately recognized the opportunity to diversify the Great Basin Bicycles business plan by offering Pilates to the various athletes who come to the GBB for endurance training.

Within weeks of being released from her doctor’s care Cat enrolled in the Balanced Body certification program at Purely Pilates and the rest is history!

Cat uses her cycling experience to promote the importance of cross training among endurance athletes and her age to motivate every age group to live well and be well.  

She is a graduate of the University of Nevada with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Journalism Advertising with a minor in Business Administration.

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Taylor Lamanna

Balanced Body Master Instructor

I fell in love with the work and knew immediately this was something that would keep me moving passionately long after my dance career was over. I decided to progress into teacher training, and in 2005 I completed my Core Dynamics Teacher Training certification. I decided to embark on another adventure and opened InnerPeace Pilates in West Dundee, Illinois. I loved the challenge of creating something that helped so many and expanded on it when opening InnerPeace Retreats which allowed me to bring the joy of movement out of the studio and all over the world. This allowed me to experience different cultures and gave me and my clients amazing experiences and irreplaceable memories.

In 2012 I decided to further my education and completed my Pilates Method Alliance Certification. Through years with my mentors and continuing education, I refined my skills for teaching and realized my love for sharing this work with students and other teachers. I finally found the right Pilates family in Balanced Body education. We joined forces and I became a master trainer and Faculty member for Balanced Body education.

After successfully running my studio for 8 years, I decided it was time to move, grow, and find another adventure. Me and my husband Michael decided to relocate to Lake Tahoe, Nevada and love arms with Purely Pilates Studio.

I love nature and movement in all forms and am passionate about sharing these gifts with others. I enjoy working with clients and creating sessions for each individuals needs. I have been fortunate to teach Pilates and watch change peoples lives and bodies change in big and small ways. I know the power of this method and believe that everyone should experience Pilates! I can’t wait to share the gift of Pilates with you. Dive in…it’s worth it!

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Lacey Venanzi


“Life is a humbling journey of self discovery, trials and perseverance. Pilates has always been my way to come back to myself and move my way to wellness” -Lacey Venanzi

Lacey Venanzi, a native of Southern California has practiced Pilates for the past 10 years. She graduated from Chapman University conservatory of music in 2011 with a BA in Opera Performance where she also studied other movement practices such as Alexander Technique, the Franklin method and bioenergetics. Lacey received her Pilates Certification from Body Arts and Science International in 2011, where she studied directly under Rael Isacowitz and Constance Holder. She immediately fell in love with Pilates because it synchronized her passion for wellness and cultivating an awareness of one’s body.

In 2016 Lacey decided to return to school to attend SCUHS where she has been studying rehabilitative sciences and completing the Doctor of chiropractic medicine program. Her teaching focuses on helping people learn a simple efficient life-long practice of movement specific to their body. Each session incorporates proper execution of exercises while mastering a deep strength and knowledge of one’s body. With her background in exercise science, Lacey is happy to teach sessions for all populations-injured-aging-and able bodied. She strongly believes that movement is medicine and no matter what state your body is in, we can always get you to move out of pain and towards strength and recovery. It is her hope that every session brings you closer to your goals and helps you to embody the healing power in your own body.

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