Class Descriptions

At Purely Pilates we believe our leveled classes and utilization of the full Pilates system set our students up for the maximum results in the least amount of time possible. We offer a first free Private session as well to properly assess your movement and goals. Each instructor is dedicated to helping you set up a plan to reach your desired results. We are excited for you to experience the difference!

Schedi;e ClassGroup Reformer

There is an apparatus that uses spring resistance that can either provide support or resistance during each exercise. The Reformer offers a lot of stability and support and is often the class we prefer new or beginning students to start with. Reformer class is a full body workout with an emphasis on the core. The hour long workout takes place on the studio reformer by a well educated instructor. The instructor will make all the adjustments to your machine during your class and provide cues, modifications, and variations to keep you moving safe and fit your fitness level / goals. Reform

Reformer Jump

Jump class is a variation of the traditional Reformer class. This 60 minute class is a full body workout with a cardio focus utilizing the jump boards. The student does NOT jump for the entire 60 minutes. The class is put together with a focus of raising and lowering the heart rate in order to maximize fat burning. We do this by adding several short jump series into the class and allowing the body to recover afterward while working other body parts. This class is appropriate for many fitness levels and is a great choice for a fun, challenging class or if you are looking to add more cardio to your Pilates / fitness regimen.

Schedi;e ClassMat With Props

Mat Pilates is a challenging full body workout with an emphasis on core. This class is done on the floor on mats, often utilizing several additional props including balls, bands, rings, arcs, and more. Mat class requires the students to work toward maintaining balanced effort in order to provide a strong support through each movement. Since the mat offers little support for the student this is a place to challenge/test the body’s abilities and strength. Mat class will help to enhance your apparatus classes and accelerate your overall results. This class is appropriate for many levels, and is perfect for students who are looking for ways to maintain or enhance their workouts when they are away from the studio. Mat Pilates will leave you feeling long, strong, and energized.

Schedi;e ClassLow Back Workshop Workout

Our Low Back Workshop Workout is a 60 minute class geared toward correcting and addressing many types of low back dysfunction, pain, and alignment. This is a movement based class that will help to improve function and give you tips and tools to continue to progress in your other group or private sessions.

Shoulder Workshop Workout

Our Shoulder Workshop Workout is a 60 minute class geared toward helping clients who need improvement in proper shoulder function. This class will help to improve dysfunction, pain, and alignment in the shoulder joint. Proper shoulder function and alignment is important to prevent and / or improve pain and overall strength.

Knee/Ankle Workshop Workout

Our Knee / Ankle Workshop Workout will help improve dysfuntion, pain, and misalignment in the knee and ankle joint and surrounding areas. Faulty movement and muscle recruitment patterns in these areas can result in pain and / or injury. This class will help to prevent injury and improve pain and discomfort in the ankle and knee joint.

Schedi;e ClassStretch & Release

Stretch and Release is a 60 minute low key class that focuses on balancing strength and flexibility. We utilize Pilates equipment (usually the Reformer or Chair) for warm up and full body stretches and foam rollers and pinky balls for myofascial release work. This class focuses on releasing muscle tightness caused from stress and overuse and is often an essential balance not only to compliment your strength work but also to help you move and feel better in anything you do. Stretch and release class will help to relieve pain and minimize muscle discomfort leaving your body feeling great!

Pre/Post Natal Workshop Workout

Prenatal – Enjoy Pilates on a variety of equipment in a non-threatening atmosphere. Maintain strength, posture, and energy through the many stages of your pregnancy. This program allows you to relax, and exercise according to your body’s schedule. This class helps you to prepare the body for the demands of labor by balancing strength and flexibility of the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Pre natal Pilates will help you to build the strength to recover properly after labor and delivery and allow you to return to your normal activities safely and often with more strength than before. Postnatal – The focus of Post Natal Pilates is to realign the body after childbirth. We rehabilitate the pelvic floor, strengthen the core, and stabilize the body to safely achieve a more advanced fitness level. This class will focus on your specific post natal needs and goals in a safe, comfortable environment with other pre or post natal students. We allow you to bring your new little one with you to class for up to four months, this makes it easier to reestablish a routine and do something good for yourself. Post natal Pilates helps to limit isolation and depression, build a new sense of control, and much more.


Schedi;e Class20/20/20 Class

  • A fun 60 Minute mixed apparatus class
  • This class mixes 3 different class types for 20 minutes a piece
  • Combined perfectly for fun, energy, variety, movement, and results
  • Class types may include Barre, Bodhi, MOTR, Chair, Arc, Orbit, Mat, Reformer, Mat
  • A great class for students at all levels
  • Has a great cardio component through whole class
  • Class is done with great upbeat music which improves coordination and functional movement
  • Full body focus and challenge
  • This class flies by, is fun, and creates amazing results

Pilates for Musicians Workshops

This class is geared towards musicians and people who work with repetitive arm movements, to help improve comfort while playing, reduce pain, reduce risk of injury, and have longer and healthier careers. Exercises are focused on balancing body asymmetries, posture, body mechanics, and endurance for better performance. Music lovers are also welcomed!