Class Descriptions

At Purely Pilates we believe our leveled classes and utilization of the full Pilates system set our students up for the maximum results in the least amount of time possible. We offer a first free Private session as well to properly assess your movement and goals. Each instructor is dedicated to helping you set up a plan to reach your desired results. We are excited for you to experience the difference!


A full-body Reformer workout ideal for students new to Pilates. We focus on level 1 exercises and the Pilates principles with a focus on form, alignment and body awareness. This class moves at a slower pace to allow you to focus on building new habits and improving how you move. Beginner Pilates is the perfect class to fine tune your practice and prepare you to get the best results in your group classes.


This class is appropriate for all levels. You will work at a moderate pace on level 1-2 exercises, with an emphasis on form, alignment and body awareness. Therapeutic Reformer offers more variety and at more of a flowing pace the beginner pilates does. This is a fun, feel-good, full-body workout that will leave your body feeling great!



To optimize movement and feel your best you must release overused muscles and restore proper function. We focus on myofascial release with pinky balls and foam rollers. We also utilize the Pilates equipment with a variety of stretch techniques to help lengthen tight muscle groups and restore proper function to help you progress toward your goals. This class is the perfect compliment to your fitness routine.


This class is great for those who wish to improve comfort, reduce pain, improve posture and prevent injury in the shoulder area by working to create balance between shoulder stability and mobility. We work at a moderate pace with the opportunity to slow down and correct improper movement throughout the class. We focus on proper mechanics of the shoulder joints and progress toward functional movement to help you feel your best both in and out of the studio.


A full body class focused on working in optimal posture which reduces wear and tear on joints and soft tissue. We work at a moderate pace with a flow through the hour long class. You will improve comfort, reduce pain and reduce the risk of injury by taking this class focused on balancing body asymmetries, improving posture and body mechanics.


This is a great class for all demographics. We work at a moderate-intermediate pace and work the whole body in this hour long class. You will flow from one movement to the next with options given throughout to modify or advance the exercise to your desired intensity. The engaging variety and flow utilizing all of the Pilates principles will make the class fly by and have you leaving feeling great. In every class we cue to the Pilates principles and help you improve how you move to make sure you continue to progress toward your unique goals.


This group class is full of fun, variety, and challenge. With 3- 20 minute sections the class flies by! This class is a great opportunity to experience various studio equipment and apparatus. Take your Pilates practice to the next level by practicing in different environments. We have endless equipment options to utilize in this class type. We promise you won’t get bored.


A full body, intermediate paced, 60 minute class utilizing level 2-3 exercises.  This class will challenge you and help to push you to the next level of your Pilates practice and toward your unique goals. You will utilize props and experience a variety of exercises with options to modify and advance where needed. We focus on challenging your Pilates principles in new ways and cue you to maintain optimum form and muscles engagement throughout the class.


A full-body workout with a cardio focus utilizing the Reformer jump boards and other studio equipment with a focus on raising and lowering the heart rate in order to maximize fat burning. We add several short jump series into the class and allow the body to recover afterward while working other body parts. The student does NOT jump for 60 minutes. This class is appropriate for many fitness levels and is a great choice for a fun, challenging class or if you are looking to add more cardio to your fitness regimen.


A low-impact, high-energy, full body workout that uses a combination of mat Pilates, yoga, and high repetition toning exercises to build strength and flexibility. Get ready to break a little sweat, feel the burn, and to enjoy the upbeat music! This class is appropriate for all levels. Every exercise begins with a modified version that is built upon as the class progresses. You can return to the modified version at anytime as needed.