Purely Pilates Studio/Services & Pricing:

Introductory Offers (New Clients Only)

1 Complimentary Private3 Group Classes for only $49
We offer your first visit as a free private session. We assess your goals and create a plan to reach your unique goals.Experience the differences at Purely Pilates. Try our unique classes, focus on your form, and reach your goals!

Complimentary 20 min. Nutrition Consultation

Your nutrition impacts all areas of your health. We know nutrition can be 80% of your success in reaching goals. This chat helps make sure your nutrition is on track to help you reach those goals and feel your best.

Private Sessions 60 and 30 minute sessions

60 Minutes30 Minutes
Drop-in: $85Drop-in: $45
5 Sessions: $3505 Sessions: $200
60 Min. Pvt. Membership Options:
Once a Week Monthly: $269 per Month
Twice a Week Monthly: $499 per month

Semi-Private Sessions (60 Minutes)

Drop-In: $50 per person
5 Sessions: $235 per person

Group Equipment Classes 55 Minutes

Drop-In : $30 (2 week expiration)
10 Classes: $250 (3 month expiration)

Group Membership Options:

5 Group Sessions a Month: $119 per month
Group Unlimited (minimum 3 month commitment): $199 per month
*Group Members also receive 15% off Private Session services

Nutrition Services (45 Day Money Back Guarantee)

Shake a Day Challenge: $175.37
10 Day Detox: $220.41
30 Day Nutrition Program: $295.40