Purely Pilates Studio/Services & Pricing:

Introductory Offers (New Clients Only)

These packages are for new clients to experience all the studio has to offer. Bring in a friend who purchases one of these packages and receive a free session for yourself. These packages make a great gift for family/friends.

1 Complimentary PrivateNutrition
Your first session is generally a Free Private One. We assess your goals and create a plan to reach your unique goals.Receive free nutrition goodie bag upon request!

Package Options: (for all clients)

The Private and Group Packages below are for all clients. These packages offer a variety of options to fit your goals and budget. Your instructor will help guide you through the options to find the best fit for you specific needs.

Group Equipment Classes (55 Minutes)

We use a variety of Pilates equipment that utilizes spring resistance/assistance to challenge you and get you to your goals. Our class maximum is 8 participants and we have a variety of equipment classes to fit your needs. Our instructors will carefully watch form and make equipment adjustments so you can focus on the work.
Drop-In : $28 (2 week expiration) Month to Month Unlimited: $215/Month
10 Classes: $220 (3 month expiration) Six Month Unlimited: $195/Month
20 Classes: $400 (6 month expiration)Annual Unlimited: $175/Month
30 Classes: $540 (9 month expiration)
  • Group classes include Reformer, Combo Class, Circuit, Exo Chair, Mixed Apparatus, Bodhi, Barre, Mat.
  • Unlimited Packages include ALL classes offered (Equipment and non equipment) and are automatically withdrawn.
  • Monthly Unlimited requires 30 day cancellation. Annual unlimited is a one year commitment and is allowed (3) 30 day holds each year.


Private Sessions (30 and 60 minute sessions)

Private sessions are great for accelerated results & individualized attention toward goals. Our instructors have extensive knowledge in pre/post natal, injury related pain/discomfort, low back/shoulder/hip/ankle issues, and more. We suggest new clients begin with a few privates to learn deep connections and form needed to get the most out of the work.

*Drop -ins expire in 2 weeks. * 5 packs expire in 2 months * 10 packs expire in 4 months * 20 packs expire in 7 months
30 Minutes60 Minutes
Drop-in: $40 Drop-in: $76
5 Sessions: $1805 Sessions: $330
10 Sessions: $34010 Sessions: $640
20 Sessions: $64020 Sessions: $1240

Semi-Private Sessions (60 Minutes)

Semi-Private Sessions are great for accelerated results and individualized attention toward goals…with a built in accountability partner. This is a great way to maximize results in shortest period of time. Bring in your spouse or friend and reach your goals together while helping each other stay on track. These are also great sessions to prep you with the tools needed to get the most out of your group sessions.
Drop-In: $45 (per person)
5 Sessions: $215 (per person)
10 Sessions: $410 (per person)
20 Sessions: $780 (per person)

*Drop -ins expire in 2 weeks. * 5 packs expire in 2 months * 10 packs expire in 4 months * 20 packs expire in 7 months